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Quantity Description Price
Membership - Individual$90.00
Membership - Non-Profit Organization$110.00
Membership - Entrepreneur$125.00
Membership - Realtor under Broker$150.00
Membership - Standard Member$225.00
Membership - Council Member$225.00
Membership - Business$450.00
Membership - Signature$900.00
Membership - Premier$1500.00
Membership - Executive$2500.00
Membership - Chamber Champion$4000.00
NW Tarrant Chamber Connection - $15.00$15.00
Flavor Fest Child Ticket $5.00
Flavor Fest Adult Ticket $10.00
Two Casino Night Tickets$60.00
One Casino Night Ticket$35.00
Awards Night$75.00
Should you have any questions, please contact Ashley Rosales at or 817-237-0060
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